If you are not be able to hold in-person CEU events. You may continue to hold these via webinars. Schedule the event through your dashboard as an in-person event and use an online meeting platform to deliver your presentations. Display the QR code on the last slide in your presentation so that attendees can scan their attendance.

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Please choose one of the three options below.

A new learner is an individual who belongs to an association or state board that mandates continuing education and is required to use the IDCEC registry to maintain an online record of educational activities.

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A new course provider is an individual or organization that has an interest in developing and providing high quality continuing education courses to interior design practioners. A course provider must abide by the standards set by IDCEC and is responsible for scheduling and reporting attendance for all course attendees who have an IDCEC number.

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A new conference provider is an organization that has an interest in providing a series of educational seminars which are unique and maybe offered within a trade show over a few days. A conference provider must abide by the rules and standards set by IDCEC and is responsible for validating attendance for all seminar attendees.

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